I have deep love, fascination and sensitivity to my fellow humans traveling through this life together and plenty of passion for capturing their inner beauty in particular. I like to create a special environment and atmosphere when I shoot to help people feel relaxed and welcome to just be themselves. This gives a genuine and connected feel to all my imagery and a richness to both your experience at the time and your reflection and enjoyment of the images later...

Most standard package for Portrait and Family sessions is $450. This includes an open session of up to an hour and half along with around 50 custom edited images. I am happy to pass on the high resolution files on request, which enables you to print the images yourself, but I do hand print myself to the highest calibre, so I’ll show you what i can do then you can decide for yourself from there if you’d like some exhibition quality prints from me! I can adjust the package to what suits you best, so call me and we can have a good chat about it.

You can choose a location that really sings to you or holds some special meaning, or you may choose to come to some of my favourite nooks. I'm always on the lookout for new places and what suits best at what season, colour, style and light.

In terms of clothing. I would suggest wearing simple colours, such as solids and pastels and avoid logos, stripes, patterns, and overly bold colours. This makes sure the focus is on you where it really should be! It can also be fun to bring along some props, things to play with for the kids if they are coming, or a picnic blanket perhaps, to give us a few options in how to style the shoot. and a relaxed and comfy space to be in.

Contact me anytime to share your thoughts and feelings for the kind of imagery you’d love to create and lets make it happen together! Best to catch me on paulhoelen@gmail.com or 0405651140