Capturing the Magic!

There’s hardly going to every to be a day in your life that you put more heart, soul and time into creating - so having it captured beautifully by someone you trust and know can do an amazing, fun and thoughtful job is a great gift to yourself and your family!

I have been capturing the magic of people and families coming together in this sacred way for a long time and if anything I’ve learnt to love it more over time! I know that as the photographer I’m in a very privileged and intimate position and I get to witness more of it than just about anyone else on the day! I am deliberately selective on the number of weddings I do to keep myself as fresh and excited as possible!

I’m yours for the day period, no time limits! I’ve already committed the day to you, and there’s so much going on already, so the last thing anyone needs is to be rushing to get shots done or falsifying the moment to get a particular as your photographer needs to go. It gives me a bunch of extra time to get to know everybody, get more creative and really helps keep things as relaxed and natural as possible.

I also love to do Engagement sessions. This is an awesome chance to go out and have some fun together, get you comfy and more confident in front of the camera and help you realise how easy and enjoyable it can all be! Then on the big day itself you’ll be far more relaxed knowing we can do an amazing job together and you can just get on with enjoying every moment!

I’m currently based in the beautiful wild island of Tasmania, but I love to travel (I have four passports would you believe?!) and have shot on location in California, New York, Bali, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Auckland, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and Brisbane. In short, I love to get out and about, so don’t be gunshy if you are far from here, I’ll probably love it even more!!!

My pricing ranges from $1800-4795 depending on all the myriad of options in how you’d like to your day to be covered, shared and enjoyed later. (e.g amount of coverage, second shooter, album, onsite slideshow etc) Rather than tying you into to a fixed package, lets organise an obligation free chat that’ll give us chance to get to know each other, get clear on what you’d love to happen, talk through a few options, and then I’ll create a customised quote and package just for you...

As I said, my initial consultation comes with no obligation, so we can just enjoy each other’s company, have a good chat about exactly what your needs and then create a package that suits your vision for the day perfectly!

So drop me a line at or on 0405651140 to organise a session (in person, Skype or phone) and lets see what magic we can create together.