Tim & Renee...
Paul’s passion for capturing the creative elements of nature and people, his high level of technical skill and his inspired artistic vision creates photography that really is truly outstanding, beautiful and unique.
Paul photographed our wedding at Avalon near Swansea on the East Coast of Tasmania, He captured the informal yet intimate spirit of the day, far beyond our hopes and expectations.
He worked extensively with us before during and after the event to understand and realize our vision for the day. His gentle, personable and relaxed nature made us and our guests feel instantly at ease in front of the camera. Paul’s skill as a photographer and his commitment to capturing the beauty in us, in the environment, and highlighting those intangible, precious, and joyous moments between people and place resulted in a selection of photos we will treasure forever.

Luke & Joanna...
For us, photography was the most important element of our wedding. We knew we had to choose someone who could take amazing photos, could meet our needs in lead up to and on the day, who we could feel comfortable with and who would fit in seamlessly. Paul ticked all of these boxes for us from our first meeting right through to when he sent us the first pictures. Paul’s passion and excitement about sharing our day with us was contagious and his genuineness and sense of humour put us completely at ease. He fitted so well into our family and friends he became one of the guests - just with an extra accessory! The weather on the day was not perfect but Paul was so calming and well prepared. He was ready to change plans at a moments notice and we knew that, because of him, we would have amazing photos - inside or out. We cannot thank Paul enough for what he brought to our day and for the lifetime of beautiful memories he has provided for us in the form of his amazing images.

Andrew & Joy...
When we first met Paul we were charmed by his engaging personality and his obvious enthusiasm for his work. He is such a positive personality, On the wedding day, he worked tirelessly through the entire day, beautifully capturing each important moment and taking many other incidental photographs as well. He related very well to all of the ‘crowd’. We were never rushed and Paul had no trouble coaxing shy and reluctant family members into view!
When we look at Paul’s visual story, each time we are returned to the excitement, the beauty and the happiness of that day - so marvellously captured in the images. It never fails to bring a tear to the eye. We are so lucky and so pleased that we hired Paul to photograph our son’s wedding.